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綠色校園創想家計劃 Sustainable School Explorer Programme
Jul 21, 2023

Our students participated in the closing ceremony of ‘Sustainable School Explorer Programme’ on 10/7.


The programme was co-organised by ARUP and La Violet Education (LVE).  Arup’s designers and engineers worked closely with LVE, teachers and principals to engage secondary students in identifying the ‘pain points’ of schools and developing innovative and practical green campus solutions.


The solutions cover themes such as renewable energy, water conservation, waste reduction and recycling.


20 LKS students attended the design thinking workshops during the F4 STEM lessons. One group of participated students was selected to present their innovative idea and attend the closing ceremony of the programme on 10/7. They designed a prototype of a sustainable garden with a water retention lawn and a solar greenhouse for water and energy conservation.