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「傳承・詩詞伴我行」唐詩朗誦節 Tang Poems Recitation Festival
Jul 26, 2023





Congratulations to the three students from our school who achieved excellent results in the Tang Poetry Recitation Festival hosted by Master Insight Media! CHAN SUEN KI from S.1E and CHAN YING YAN from S.2C won the third prize in Cantonese solo verse speaking, while CAI YING HAM from S.2C also won the Merit Award in Cantonese solo verse speaking. 


The recitation works of the three students will be sent to outer space by China Aerospace Science and Technology, allowing the sound of Tang poetry to travel in the universe. Winning students will also receive full subsidies to visit mainland China to explore the footprints of Tang Dynasty poets and experience the life trajectory of these renowned literati. Please click here to view the related media coverage.