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Visit to The Chinese University of Hong Kong 參觀香港中文大學活動
Oct 31, 2023

On October 18, 2023, our school led a group of 50 Form 4 to Form 5 students to visit and experience Hong Kong Chinese University's Wu Yee Sun College. Professor Poon Ming Kay, Vice President and Dean of General Education, introduced Chinese University of Hong Kong and the college. Additionally, our school alumni, including King Chun Hei (Year 1, Bachelor of Business Administration), Luo Pui Ki (Year 1, Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science), and Mo Ngai Lam (Year 1, Journalism and Communication), shared their experiences and preparations for choosing JUPAS program and pursuing university studies. Furthermore, several alumni, including Lai Shun Man (Year 1, Medicine) and Lam Chun Wing (Year 1, Accountancy), as well as college student ambassadors, guided the students on a tour of the college, allowing them to understand further the cultural characteristics, learning environment, and dormitory life of the college.


The students were highly satisfied with the arrangement and greatly benefited from the visit. They had the opportunity to personally experience and witness the learning environment of Wu Yee Sun College. They gained insights into the JUPAS program selection experiences and unique features of business, journalism, and communication programs from their seniors. This experience motivated them to strive for better academic performance and to consider their future study paths more seriously. Some students even expressed their aspirations to study at Wu Yee Sun College.