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May 10, 2021

A series of interactive activities were held during the STEM Week. Game booths were set up by the Computer Club, Science Club, the Creativity and Innovation Club and Science Subject Panels. Students had the opportunities to have hands-on experience through a variety of interesting and fun activities such as Micro:bit Fruit Piano, Chemistry and Physics demonstrations and Biotech DNA experiments in Mobile Lab. ‘Elephant Toothpaste’ was demonstrated on the volleyball court, students were thrilled with this fun chemical reaction. F2 students were required to have a DT Hoverbit Competition with micro:bit control at school hall. A virtual inspiring talk, Design Thinking, by Mr. Dickie Ho, was held for senior students to broaden their horizons. A Science Lecture held by HKUST was also arranged. Prof. Jason Chan (Assistant Professor of Science Education of Chemistry, HKUST) delivered a virtual talk on ‘The Chemistry of Luminescent Materials’. Students had the opportunities to explore more scientific knowledge through the activities in the STEM Week.